World’s Oldest Panda Is No More, Aged 38 When He Died
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World’s Oldest Panda Is No More, Aged 38 When She Died


Osiyana Park Authority, Hong Kong announced the news of her death. The panda lived in this park. This panda was brought to the park with another female panda in 1999. It is believed that this was the world’s oldest panda in captivity.

In the statement, park authority said, “She (Jia Jia) was our family member. We will always remember her. She has played an important role as a representative of her species.”

Park authority said that she had reduced the amount of food she used to have two weeks ago. Her daily diet decreased from 10kg to 3kh of food. This animal had lost weight.

For the last few days, panda was awake for a very short time and hadn’t express any interest in food or drink,” said park authority.


For Jia jia’s rearing and proper service Hong Kong government spokesman thanked the park authorities and expressed sorrow at the death of the panda.

Park celebrated 37th birthday of the panda in 2015 with a gala event which became title of world’s top media.

Jia jia was born in 1978 at Shichuan in China. In 1999, the animal was sent to Hong Kong.

Panda normally lives 20 years in the jungles. But they lives 25 years in detained condition. In that case, jia jia’s 38 years is like 100 years of human.

Due to gradually decreasing amount of forest, pandas are suffering from the crisis of existence. A survey done by China government said that 1,86 4 panda was still alive.

Panda jia jia left 6 cubs.

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