This Young Man Got A Hug From His Long-time Friend Which Broke His Ribs
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This Young Man Got A Hug From His Long-time Friend Which Broke His Ribs


The surge of love a doctor felt upon seeing his college roommate after three years was so forceful it crushed three ribs in the hug he got from him.

Dr Madhukar Gaikwad and Dr Amit Badwe, an orthopedic surgeon, used to study together at the Government Medical College & Hospital in Aurangabad. Badwa was known for his body building passion in his college days.

After they finished their MBBS in 1990, Dr Gaikwad got a posting at JJ Hospital in medicine, while Dr Badwe started private practice in Ahmednagar district.

Badwe had come to Mumbai on 18th March to take part in a protest at Azad Maidan against the attack on his fellow doctors. While there, he thought of meeting his friend, Gaikwad, whom he hadn’t met in years. Badwe rushed to grip Gaikwad in bear hug. A crunch followed. The doctor collapsed on the floor. The x-rays confirmed fractures in his first, second and seventh ribs.

Dr Madhukar Gaikwad and Dr Amit Badwe (index)
Dr Madhukar Gaikwad and Dr Amit Badwe (index)

“I was in my cabin when Amit entered. I was surprised to see him. He dashed towards me and hugged me, and before I could even fully understand what was happening, my ribs broke……I was about to stand from my chair when he embraced me. So the entire pressure fell on my chest. It’s a freak mishap,” says Dr Gaikwad, who has perfectly strong bones and is in the pink generally.

“I actually heard them crack,” he adds, laughing incredulously.

Times Of India quoted Gaikwad saying, “Amit is an orthopaedist. You always need a strong built in orthopaedics as surgeries require you to tighten screws on bones and so on. Amit has a large body.”

Dr. Badwe, who has returned to Ahmednagar a few days ago, was receiving calls from his friend every day. “I feel so bad. I had met him after such a long time and I was so happy to see him. Never thought our meeting would end like this. I can just hope he feels better soon.”

Meanwhile Dr Gaikwad was prescribed 15 days bed rest. “I am not suffering from brittle bones, or any other weakness. It was just an accident,” he said.

“I guess the message is,” says Dr Badwe, lightening up, “curb your enthusiasm.”

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