Zakir Naik: Messenger Of Peace Or Hate?
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Zakir Naik: Messenger Of Peace Or Hate?

Zakir Naik

Islamist preacher Zakir Naik is under probe for making his hate speeches. An intelligence report claimed that his channel Peace TV from where his sermons were telecast could fell terrifying effect on the security of India.

Union Home Minister Sree Rajnath Singh stated that the CDs of his speeches would be examined and necessary action would be taken against him. Singh told to the reporters, “We have taken cognizance of Zakir Naik’s speeches and have given necessary instructions for a probe. A thorough investigation will be done. CDs of his speeches are being examined.”

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting also said that his channel Peace TV would be banned and a legal action against his channel would be taken. Peace TV channel is a Mumbai based channel run by Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation. His you tube videos would be removed as soon as possible.

An accusation also made against him that his foundations Islamic Research Foundation and an NGO received funds from abroad and that was spent to inspire the radical thinking. These funds were used to inspire the youth towards terrorism. Govt. is tracking his foreign fundings. A Home Ministry official averred, “An investigation has been ordered into the activities of IRF, which was registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA)”.

Naik’s speeches inspired some of the Bangladeshi terrorists who attacked a Dhaka Café on last Friday 1st July,2016. In his defend Naik rejected the allegation, “There is not a single speech where I have encouraged one to kill another – Muslim or non-Muslim”.

Another accusation was also made that Malvani youth Ayaz Sultan was inspired by his speech. Ayaz Sultan was an employee of call centre. He fled to Kabul and joined a terrorist group Ansar-ul- Tawhid, led by former Indian Mujahedeen Shafi Armar.

A new face in this affair has emerged in BJP and Congress controversy. BJP slammed Congress leader Digvijay Singh as in 2012 he shared a stage to promote communal harmony with the man and called the preacher ‘man of peace’. Digvijay Singh argued, “I have appealed for communal harmony and opposed religious fundamentalism and terrorism by either Hindus or Muslims.”

Congress spokesperson, Randeep Singh Surjewala defended the BJP attack and he stated there’s no place for the radical thinking in Indian society and congress party always condemned this view which has threatened India’s integrity.

Zakir Naik constantly argues that his sermons haven’t inspired anyone to spread terrorism. Then what about his video which said “Every Muslim should be a terrorist” and “if Osama Bin Laden terrorizing the America, the biggest terrorist I’m with him”, “I am with those people who are following The Quran”.

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